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Who are We?

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If you’re looking to hire an injury lawyer, Scarborough’s best is right here at our firm. We offer only high quality professionals who care deeply about the community and are invested in making sure that you win your case. Read more.

What Separates Us?

personal injury lawyers scarborough

If you’re looking to hire an injury lawyer, Scarborough’s best is right here at our firm. We offer only high quality professionals who care deeply about the community and are invested in making sure that you win your case. Read more.

Steps To Take After an Injury

injury lawyers scarborough

Are you suffering an injury from an accident that was caused by no fault of your own? Personal injury can occur all over the place in our lives, from the streets outside our homes to the places where we work. Read more.

The Most Trusted Personal Injury Lawyer in Scarborough

If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer in Scarborough, trust us with that. Not many people like to think about all the risks that come with day-to-day life, but there are endless opportunities to get hurt or injured as we go through our days. Often times, personal injuries are the fault of someone else’s negligence. This is saddening, because these injuries can completely change victims’ lives for the worse and make every day a struggle physically and financially. We’re here to keep that from happening to you. Personal injury is a serious legal matter, and we believe that you should have access to the best lawyers in Scarborough if you’re an accident victim. We are invested in making sure you successfully get compensated for your injuries and losses, no matter what area of personal injury your case falls into.

Scarborough Injury Lawyer Dedicated to Your Case

You and your case matter to us. We’re invested in the well-being of our community, and we understand the needs of our clients. Personal injury leaves many people broke and feeling hopeless, like they can never recover from their accident. Too many people think that legal help is out of reach because of cost, and we’re determined to change that. We want to win your case for you, and we’re determined that you be compensated what you deserve. Because of that, we only charge you AFTER we’ve won your case. If we don’t win, you don’t pay. It’s that simple, and we really are that determined to make your claim a successful one. In Scarborough, we’re the legal team that’s most dedicated to your cause.

Personal Injury is Too Serious to Take a Gamble On

If you’re thinking about passing up on taking someone to court when they’re at fault for your personal injury, think again. By turning up the opportunity to receive compensation and financial aid for an injury, you’re setting yourself up for regret. Often times, injuries get worse as time passes and you don’t realize until later how much you really need medical help. Your health is important, and you don’t want to take a gamble and hope for the best by not taking the persons at fault to court to cover damages. We take your injuries seriously and are determined that you get fair compensation for the pain and loss that you’ve suffered, be it from a car accident or an animal attack. We cover a wide variety of practices for a reason, and we’re determined to help anyone in Scarborough who has suffered as the victim of as accident that someone else caused.

Relieve the Pressure of Post-Injury Battles

If you’ve ever been in an accident, even a minor one, you know that even little mishaps can really shake a person up. Not only are accidents scary, whether they happen in the workplace or on the road, they’re also costly and demanding. You’ll have to exert yourself physically and mentally to figure out doctor’s appointments, medical costs, court appointments, calls to insurance agencies, what to do about your job, and how to manage your family all while dealing the pain of your personal injury. We want to help you out by relieving some of that pressure buildup. Let us handle your court case and take the strain of learning legal terms and rules off of your chest so you can focus on what matters. We’ll only charge you once we win your case, so we won’t become one more thing to worry about financially while you work on recovering. We believe that you deserve full compensation and we’re determined to help you get it.

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Practice Areas


Car Accidents

Over 100,000 Canadians are injured in car accidents every year, with most accidents occurring close to home.

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Wrongful Death

Wrongful death occurs when a victim is killed due to someone else's negligence.

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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are often caused by motor vehiclists who failed to pay attention.

View Practice Detail

Work-Related Injuries

Many employers who are at fault will try to get out of paying workers' compensation.

View Practice Detail

Slip and Fall

Victims of slip and fall accidents are rarely to blame for their injuries.

View Practice Detail

Animal Attack

If you're the victim of an unprovoked dog bite or other animal attack, you deserve compensation.

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