5 Surprising Tips to Help You Avoid Auto Accidents

car accidents

Car accidents are a leading cause of injury in Canada, especially among students and senior citizens. An accident that leaves all parties completely uninjured is rare, and getting insurance to properly cover personal injury is a hassle. As one of the best injury law firms in Scarborough, we may be dedicated to making sure your claim is successful,but we’d rather you make it home safe and sound than battle a lifelong injury. Here’s some advice to help you stay safe while you drive.

1. Don’t Take Familiar Streets for Granted

The fact is that majority of car accidents take place within just a few miles of home. It’s important not to take familiar streets for granted and fail to pay attention to the road while you’re driving around your neighborhood, or you could get in serious trouble.

2. Don’t Use Your Car’s Bluetooth

If you want to avoid an accident and having to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer, Scarborough is better off if you put the phone down while you drive. Not only that, but you should avoid Bluetooth as well. Even with this hands-off approach to phone calls, you’re still indulging in a dangerous distraction that could result in serious injury to yourself or to others.

3. Don’t Blindly Trust Your GPS

Be alert when you’re following directions from your GPS. Sometimes automated guidance systems and apps can lead you to your destination in a very roundabout way. When you suddenly find yourself in unfamiliar territory, it’s easy to start to panic and pay more attention to the GPS screen than the road itself. If you get lost or turned around, pay attention to your surroundings. Staring at a GPS screen instead of at the road puts you at high risk of getting into an accident. Instead, research your route before you go as a way to supplement the guidance that your GPS offers. This will prevent you from getting lost and confused while you’re driving, and allow you to keep your focus on the road.

4. Remember That Not Everyone Has Working Lights

Just because it’s illegal to have lights on your car that aren’t fully functioning, doesn’t mean that everyone stays on top of vehicle maintenance. No matter how right you when you see someone without working lights and think “They should be ticketed,” the fact of the matter is that cars without working lights ARE on the road, and they pose a threat to you. Pay attention to the cars around you while you drive, and don’t rely on seeing brake lights to determine when you start to slow down.

5. Avoid the Right Lane in Residential Areas

The slower lanes may be the safest place to stick to on the highway, but in the residential and business areas of Scarborough, you’ll want to avoid cruising along in the right lane. This is where everyone is going to turn on to when they need to get onto main streets, which puts you in a constant position of stop-and-go and at a higher risk of rear-ending the car in front of you.