As the leading injury law firm in Scarborough, we see victims of animal attacks every year. An animal “attack” may seem like a drastic term, and many people don’t know what they should and should not receive compensation for. You know you have a claim to make when an aggressive dog snaps at you or your child while unprovoked. Unless they sustain serious injury, some people just shake off dog bites or other animal-inflicted injuries in favor of “not stirring up trouble.” Unfortunately, this often comes back to bite them when they realize that more damage was done than first anticipated and they need to get financial help to pay for their medical bills. Don’t let yourself get stuck in that situation. If you’ve been injured by an animal belonging to someone else, you are entitled to compensation. We can help you win your case and get the assistance you need to fully recover from an animal attack.

Common Animal Attacks

The primary cause of injury from animals in Scarborough is biting by unattended or aggressive dogs. When a dog attacks someone or their child in an unprovoked incident, they are entitled to compensation by the owner of the animal. Medical bills need to be paid, ranging from a doctor’s visit to surgery depending on the severity of the attack. We will also defend your claim against injuries caused by other animals in the Scarborough area, including other house pets like birds, who often cause lasting damage when they lash out and bite.

Damage That Can Come From Animal Attacks

One of the primary effects of an animal attack is cosmetic damage, in varying degrees. While the term may sound trivial, this can range from scarring of the hands, arms, and legs, to detrimental damage to the face or torso that permanently mars a victim’s appearance. Cosmetic damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair, and some victims never fully recover. Animal attacks also lead to broken and sprained bones, torn muscles, disc injuries, and loss of extremities like ears, fingers, or toes. Even simple puncture wounds can become infected and cause permanent damage if not treated in time.

What You Can Do After an Attack

Your first priority should be to seek medical attention at once after you suffer from an animal attack of any kind. After you know that immediately threatening wounds have been treated, it’s important that you take down all the details you can remember about the incident. Note the animal’s body language, the response of the owner, the kind of environment you were in, past experiences with the animals if you have any, and whether or not the owner gave any indication that their animal may be aggressive. If your health insurance refuses to cover the full cost of your medical care, you should seek out legal aid to get your compensation for the damage that the animal inflicted.