Not every accident occurs on the road. Sometimes, injuries occur indoors while you’re out and about living your daily life. As an injury law firm in Scarborough, we’re no stranger to all kinds of personal injuries. If you’re a victim of a slip and fall accident cause by a business owner’s negligence, we will help you to win your fight and get the money you need to address your injuries and get your life back on track.

Where Do Falls Take Place?

While majority of slip and fall accidents will actually take place in your own home, there are countless public places that pose a risk to pedestrians. Many times, it’s inside of stores that you’ll see or experience the kinds of hazards that wet up the situation for a slip and fall accident. This can be a wet floor without a sign, spilled liquid or grain, or even napkins left on a waxed tile floor that will slide underfoot when someone walks over them. Supermarkets are especially notorious locations for this kind of accident, but it could happen anywhere, inside or outside. In February 2015, watermains broke near Kennedy Road and coated the surrounding streets with slippery ice, creating the perfect setup for pedestrians to experience slip and fall accidents.

What Conditions Are Needed to Make a Case?

In order to get compensation for a slip and fall accident, you would need to have solid evidence proving that you were not at fault for the accident. It’s important to note that these cases are very hard to prove, and even a very successful claim will only award you a small amount of money to address your injury. You will need to prove that the owner of the business was negligent in addressing the slipping hazard and that you did not willfully walk into the hazard to set yourself up to fall down.

When is a Business Owner Negligent?

Business owners are negligent if they leave a slipping hazard unaddressed for an unreasonable period of time. If they or an employee sees the hazard and fails to pick it up, or they do not check that area of the store for an unreasonable amount of time (to be determined in court), than they have been negligent and you can make a case against them and have them noted for being at fault for your injury. These cases are difficult to prove because witnesses are rare and the nature of the case lends itself to encourage fraud. However, if you have the evidence to back up your claim, we will be proud to stand beside you and fight for the compensation that you deserve to get.