No matter how many safety laws are put in place to protect workers, many jobs still require that workers take risks in the workplace and many business owners still choose to be negligent in their practices. Construction departments undergo some of the greatest abuse, but hard labor work areas aren’t the only ones who pose risks to workers. As an injury lawyer in Scarborough, it’s not unusual for us to work with clients who are undergoing temporary or permanent pain from a work-related injury. Too many businesses think that it’s okay to let injured workers go without proper compensation, but we’re here to defend you.

Negligent Employers

Sometimes employers try to get away with saving money by cutting down the budget on safety gear or worker protection. This comes to hurt their employees when machinery falters, safety masks fail, or other hazards come to light and cause injuries because they were left unchecked. Ultimately, this tends to hurt the employee more than the employer, so they keep pushing legal boundaries and think they’ll go unpunished. Because of our policy to only charge when we win your case for you, you can take action and stick up to negligent bosses if you’ve been hurt in the workplace.

Accidents on the Job

Not all accidents occur in a warehouse or factory. If your job requires you to travel locally or abroad, you are still entitled to your rights as a worker while you travel. If you’re driving a company car to make a delivery and another driver hits you while you’re on the road, your job is required to cover the costs of your injuries. This is important to know so that you’re aware of the benefits you can collect as an injured worker. High traffic intersections like Kennedy Road and Sheppard Avenue put you at risk while you’re driving a work vehicle.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is something that your company is required to pay you when you sustain a work-related injury. This is the money that we will fight for when we take your case to court, and it should be used to cover the cost of medical care and some living expenses while you’re recovering from your injury. The amount of money that you receive varies greatly depending on the severity of your injury, what kind of insurance you have, and what kind of treatment you need or want to get for your injury.